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Part 1 in a new mini-series focusing on the beloved Los Angeles show, LUCHA VAVOOM! A high-energy mash-up of Mexican lucha libre wrestling with wild burlesque and outrageous comedy that has massive shows 4 times a year at the Mayan Theater in DTLA. This episode we meet one of the co-founders, Liz Fairbairn, who fell in love with the sport when a luchador flew out of the ring and landed in her lap during a match. Previously, she managed the heavy metal gore band GWAR (look them up if you don’t know who they are) in Richmond, VA. Liz has made a 17 year career as the impressario of high glam sexo y violencia with Lucha Vavoom, as well as designing/fabricating outrageous costumes for the film industry and art world.